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Adolescent child needs parental sincerity to include
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Much " discharge " little accusing 
Adolescent child needs parental sincerity to wrap look 
"Why did TV see again last night so late? " " how are you playing game secretly again? " " often forgetful, cannot you grow bit of memory ah " ... the child that whether you have to be in adolescence? Whether do you often get angry because of a variety of his behavior? Whether had these words become your pet phrase? So you can want caution, should blame, criticism, when blaming the tall frequency speech that makes communication, the communication between you and child has encountered bottleneck. 
Calmly listens attentively to  actively
"Mom this I studied maths 80 minutes... " did not wait for the child to say, mom stamps with fury: "Just took an examination of 80 minutes! You were not reviewed well certainly... " when be scolded, the child just says gently, "This exam is particularly difficult, I took an examination of the 3rd. " this is a very common life setting, what can after that child says just think, you still be willing to say with mom? 
Expert proposal: Want the word says well, want to learn to listen above all. The child is not not to want to tell you one's innermost thoughts and feelings, however everyday every time by interrupt hurriedly. Should let the child feel you the opinion that care about and values him very much, you are about to learn to be listened attentively to actively; Want to notice your limbs language, do not face the child with a kind of commanding manner, face-to-face or sitting side-by-side is best choice, the eyes should have discontinuous ground to looking attentively at the child, often nod express to understand and be admitted. 
Good-tempered and consummate true pericardium allows 
Does child bout home hide into the room? Does with him conversation look cold and indifferent? Work laboriously him drag is big, how can be opposite with this kind of manner me! Do not take care, perhaps you should get angry again. Sober and sober, you also had had adolescence, the parents that thinks you is in those days include how you, the position that also tries hard to stand in the child experiences his feeling! 
Expert proposal: Many pairs of children " discharge " -- " come back, the drink that there are you to love to drink in freezer Oh " , " have a try the meat of braise in soy sauce that your love that I boil eats " , perhaps the child won't immediately by you " report arrives " , but they can not be wood Oh, return instead very sensitive, it is not good at expression only, your care can be accumulated in their heart, quantitative change needs your patient expect to the process of qualitative change. 
Swing blame use opportunely encourage 
Perhaps you can say, I often also praise the child, but why to have the effect that drive? Criticism has knowledge, praise also have very much exquisite. Sometimes although the parent said a good word, but however ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous: "Be taken an examination of this well, if last time you are so serious also good. " " this page word is well written, if before one page also is written so neatly good. " do not deny, whether are you often added similar " if... " the second half of and so on sentence. This looks be like a casual word, can let the child produce negative psychology however. 
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