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Let the child say the word
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Nowadays, most young father and mother goes up in the life to the child very care, saying to go up is to hold very hot move fears in the mouth, spit will be afraid that aspic is worn. The parents of the person look upon that can regard somebody as case dignity the child truly is not much. The child learns and is what problem on the life, when be recounted to parents, be inferior to a bit meaning, break the child's word, light rebuke, beat and scold again, for this, the child can go back word pharynx only. According to an investigation of some school, the parents of 70% admits to hear the child's speech without patience. 
Listen to the child to say the word that should say without patience, its are inactive the influence is clearly. It is the attention that child conversation cannot get parents, they can be their secret bury only in the heart, those who do father and mother is very difficult know child place thinks of place to want, meet to the child's education so shoot at random, not know what to do. The 2 talking authority that are the child cannot get parental esteem, as time passes, the child generates antagonism sentiment with respect to meeting and parents, as a result is bilateral mutual distrust, communication difficulty. An investigation shows: 70% , the problem of children mental hygiene of 80% and family are concerned, communicate means to the child's breeding and communication with parents especially undeserved about. 3 it is parents does not let the child say the word, go against what the child conveys ability to rise on one hand, make the child generates self-abased sentiment on the other hand. The child recounts inner feeling to parents, it is to increase expressive capacity, enhance the wonderful chance of social truck capacity. This one opportunity the child is privative, expressive ability of the child is couldn't get rise, can appear in social association expression is difficult, generate self-abased sentiment then.
And a person that lacks self-confidence, talk very hard to go up mental health, become a successful person harder. Although the child is small, but they also have independent character honor, they have expressive heart to experience, the freedom that elaborates him view, parents should let the child patiently say the word, the child says justifiably, should admiring, the child says inconsequently, can compare notes further, till till a knot in one's heart in unlock child heart. Only such, ability builds healthy, harmonious parentage. 

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