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Daughter, eventually one day you can understand mom
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Dear daughter: 
Today, mom receives your letter, extremely surprise, you can communicate with this kind of means and mom, this is very good! You offerred a few proposals to mom in the letter, mom is touched very much, very glad also, daughter, you were brought up. 
As a result of a variety of reasons, 5 years ago, mom left the home, seek oneself life value, you suffer the grandfather grandma that feudal thought manacles and father to paid no attention to solution then, your sister younger brother two at that time year young, mom uses the implication that discuss and you to communicate hard. Nowadays, you were brought up, also should understand mom the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention at that time. Dear daughter, come a few years, mother did not live in vain, mom is in the press of the country, county that visit town, broadcasting station, TV station employ manuscript many 800, know exactly about sth piece the manuscript wins award of good news of the county that visit town. The achievement that news of clinging in adversity, pursuit writes mother, be reported by the press, broadcasting station for many times, broadcast. Because write for a magazine is assiduous, mom is judged to be by county, town for many times " outstanding reporter " ; "Outstanding reader " ; "Hand of 38 red flags " . 
Mu Zilian heart! Come a few years, the hour in mom heart is in caring you, do not know to call your name in the dream how many times, the tear when awaking is wet already pillow towel; Also do not know how many times when the appearance appearance that mom sees somebody resembles you on the road, always call you surprizingly, can arrive before when, not be you, mom apologizes helplessly to the family: I am sorry, I am acknowledge a mistake person. , when sending the school cheerfully to give you scanty remuneration and goods when mom, you not only do not call me, see me did not glance repeatedly throw to the ground. Look
The move is capricious you, in an instant, mom heart is wrung like the knife, the eye contains tear to say: "The child you changed, but you are mom's beloved daughter forever. " from now on, paralysis of a many month pours mom in the bed, remember your words and deeds, mom is very sad really, how do you also pay no attention to even mom solution! 
Although mom uses full time on write for a magazine, satisfying in still thinking you. Eventually one day, I receive your telephone call, extremely glad, but you did not ask to me reputation is good in the phone, say only: "If you do not give me Qian Nianshu, grandfather grandma did not let me study. " the telephone call that receives you, mom was stupefied, although mom relies on scanty remuneration to maintain only,live, but I still will save the money that come down, buy milk to you and little brother, buy the clothes, pay the tuition fee etc, this, mom borrows money to also want to let you go to school. Mom knows very well, no matter mother takes how many pain, how much to suffer tired, no matter you how babyish, there is a hope in mom heart, you are mom's sweet heart, the meeting after be brought up understands mom, mom can use up everything hard, will help your finish school. 
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