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Did not let managing education be far from the child
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Did not let managing education be far from the child

Preschool education is illuminative education, if each child is accepted as a child,economize goodly education of this one traditional goodness, will make the lifetime of children benefits a lot not only, and our country construction is managing model the perspective that the society just can have solid base and light.

Want to grab from parents above all. The family is the cradle of children life, the parent is a the first teacher of children. Present cheeper, the majority is a singleton female, father, mom, grandfather, grandma is favorite to its have add, grant whatever is requested. Live in reality

In, some do father and mother think, the life is rich now, need not economize again. Also live when some him father and mother are young more difficult, did not want to suffer from oneself child again from inside the heart, then with respect to oversight the managing education to the child, the child is very possible with respect to nurturance the bad habit of grandiose waste. Still have a lot of father and mother, requirement child is not wasteful, and oneself are wanton however and prodigal. Do not know economizing father and mother, how can you teach oneself child to economize?

Parents has inchoate and managing education to cheeper, besides accomplishing set oneself an example to others, accomplish even " intentional " , each bagatelle beside grabs -- managing a piece of paper, managing pen of a colour, managing a water, managing one dribble, managing rice, managing a toy. Must not abandon " inclined beg " big " , we should adopt education, make children as a child nurturance " have a meal not remnant, old toy is not lost " good convention. Make from bagatelle only, ability fosters the child's sense of responsibility and economizing good quality.

Parents has inchoate and managing education to cheeper, include to foster cheeper to correct money is watched and invest economy capacity as a child. "Eat to child fish, be inferior to child fishing rod. " when the child is small, without money and the concept that content concerns, can go into the street through looking after children shop wait for an opportunity, do the comparison of price of a few article. Cite a case: One day, mom looks after children go into the street, what the child wants to buy 3 fund is ice-cream, mom tells him 3 money can buy  of a jin of cucumber 6 wool, 1 of a jin of tomato  yuan, 8 wool of  of half jins of pea and  of a jin of Chinese cabbage 6 wool, these dish we 3 two also do not eat. From inside such comparison, child suddenly be enlightened, so 3 money can buy so much food. Understood 3 money what to mean in the life when the child, say actively to mom, I still fastened Mai Bingqi to drench. Mom knows the child is at that time heat up again yearningly again, say to him, buy a cheap ice-lolly. The child was accepted gladly, the result spent 5 wool money only. The child's mom did not reject the child simply, use the situation that go into the street however. Persuaded the child with very simple way, let the child know the value of these 3 yuan of money.
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